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About Analytic

Steve Hope
Asst. Superintendent
Mountain View-Los Altos High School District
"I served on a county office of education committee to review software applications for HR and Finance. To date, Analytic’s system is the best I’ve seen. And, in 5 or so years of use, there's been zero downtime.

It has significantly improved position control, reduced staff time for employee tracking, and increased records accuracy. It is definitely a world class solution."

Resource Management and Decision Support
Solutions for School Districts

Financial Reporting

Elegant, easy-to-use report writer
Extensive, flexible formatting options
User-friendly processes
Easily export your financial data
Your database is created in minutes
Bridges to your legacy system
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Human Resources Database

Designed for school district HR
High performance, internet-based
Track employee info/ FTE allocation
Maintain qualifications/certifications
Track position assignments/costs
Employee web portal
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Budget Development

Transaction-oriented process
User-friendly budget reports
Multi-year planning/what-if analysis
Position budgeting & staffing
Integrated salary projection
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On the technical side...

Why Analytic?

As the SaaS leader for school districts, Analytic provides, to date, unmatched technology. Designed by school district software veterans, it’s created with all the features we know you need.
Why Analytic?

Easy Migration and Operation

A basic system can be up and running within a few days. And a robust system can be in place within a month. We import your current data. Then, reports can be generated in minutes.
Call for a trial demonstration.
It’s well worth the time.
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Expert Consulting

Need help in one of these areas?

Labor Negotiation Support

Position Control

Financial Analysis

Multi-Year Budgeting

Make use of our consulting services.
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Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) technology has evolved from a trend to a critical mass.
It dramatically exploits the collaborative and cost savings capabilities of the Internet and will cause legacy systems to
soon become obsolete.
Are you ready for the change?
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Cost Effective Choices

Targeted and designed for school districts, Analytic’s secure, subscription-based ERP solutions are available as a package or by module, depending on your needs and budget. We handle the maintenance, back-ups and upgrades. There is no hardware to buy or complex installation to accomplish.
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